15% of active substances: hydrogen peroxide, plant glycerol, lactic acid, vitamin A, E, C. ⦁ Unique oxygenating effect. ⦁ “Oxygen peel” + Oxygen Mask. ⦁ 2 * 1 action: dead cells build up remove and oxygenation. ⦁ Eliminates fatigue signs. ⦁ Cleanses and toxifies. ⦁ Brightens and refines skin tone. ⦁ Increase the absorption of active substances. ⦁ When used regularly, it prevents skin impurities from building up.
Dull, under oxygenated stressed skin. ⦁ Clogged skin with impurities. ⦁ Smokers skin. ⦁ Skin prone and discoloration. ⦁ As introduction to hydration treatments. ⦁ Special application method. ⦁ Prior to micropigmentation procedures (eyebrows, lips).
Secure the skin around the eyes and eyebrows with a compress, then apply a thick layer of the mask with a brush, but DO NOT massage it. Leave it for 15 minutes, and you can remove the remains, with a plastic speculum first, then wash off with a damp compress. Belvera FR laboratories.